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Technology. Innovation. For a brighter future.

By 2020, 77% of all US jobs will require technology.* Yet today, millions of students affected by the digital divide, lack access to technology in the classroom and at home.

Verizon is committed to changing this. In 2012, we began using our technology and assets to help students across the nation. Through our Verizon Innovative Learning program, we're providing free technology, free access, and innovative curricula to prepare students for the digital future.

Our work makes a difference, delivering significant transformations for students, and putting millions on the path to success in an increasingly tech-dependent job market. Students in the Verizon Innovative Learning program improve their grades**, and are more engaged in school***.

*Source: US Dept of Labor and Statistics 
**Source: Disclaimer: After two years, VILS students improved on standardized tests at rates higher than their peers - 3X for math and 2X for reading. Source: Westat March 15, 2017 Research - Verizon Innovative Learning Schools: Results of the Analysis of Student Administrative Data From Cohort 1 Schools (based on two years of data for 6th grade Cohort 1 schools that provided complete data)
​***Source: 60% of VIL students are more engaged in school (VIL study 2017)

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We provide free tech, free access andinnovative curricula.

To date, Verizon has committed $200 million dollars. We don’t just fund these programs, we also create and administer them in partnership with leading non-profits. We diligently measure the impact of our work and refine our programs—and it's making a difference.


With a commitment of $160 million, we’re impacting over

Schools and clubs

Tech immersion

How do you get kids to see possibilities they never dreamed of? By marrying technology, role models and hands-on learning in an immersive tech program, through partnerships with leading nonprofits and universities.

Digitizing schools

Making a real difference takes more than just technology. Through our partnership with Digital Promise, Verizon equips every child and teacher at select middle schools across America with a tablet and two-year data plan.

Teaching design thinking in high schools

This unique program pairs students with local small businesses to create practical business solutions with technology.

Boy with VR goggles

Innovative Learning labs

These fun, interactive labs are free and will expose kids to new skills like coding and cool new technologies such as virtual reality, robotics and 3D printing.

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